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Corvallis and Benton County

In 2016, Benton County voters adopted ranked choice voting to elect county officials and first successfully used ranked choice voting in the 2020 election. Benton County was the first jurisdiction in Oregon to adopt ranked choice voting. 

The City of Corvallis adopted ranked choice voting in 2022 and first successfully used it in the same year for races with three or more candidates. In first round tabulations of the mayoral race, none of the three candidates – Charles Maughan, Andrew Struthers, and Roen Hogg – received the threshold of votes to win. This means that the winner will be decided in a ranked choice run-off, the first of its kind in Corvallis. Official results are expected to be released December 5th.

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What is RCV?

Ranked Choice Voting fixes our broken election system by giving voters more power and more choices. Elections now are dominated by negative campaigning, Big Money and wealthy special interests. Too many people are shut out from participating in a government that doesn’t look like them and doesn’t represent them.

RCV is as easy as 1-2-3. Voters rank candidates in order of preference instead of voting for just one candidate.

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Why RCV?

RCV brings more voices into our elections and greater diversity to government. It increases voter participation, encourages coalition-building and rewards positive campaigning.

RCV improves our elections. Voters get to vote honestly and express their true preferences. RCV solves the "spoiler" issue and means that no vote will ever be a "wasted" vote.

Ranked Choice Voting elects candidates with the broadest possible public support.

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RCV in the USA